in pieces

I’m slowly bringing together all the various blog posts I’ve created over the years, coming from several different systems. None of the content is all that good, but it’s worthwhile consolidating it. It allows me to look again and think about what I was writing. There are several systems (blojsom) which is buried on my […]

where to begin

i am activated these days to find new and interesting ways to share information. i’m not just talking about social networks, but something deeper. in the end, social networks are just the means in which we connect, but the first step is simply the production. and this can be done without any friends, followers or […]


It’s time to rebuild the blog. Because my server died, I haven’t recovered a lot of old blog posts. I actually found some of them online. Even though I never blogged much, it was nice to find that stuff and feel good that I have a voice once. I’ve been so involved in the enabling […]

layout, content and structure walk into a bar: who’s first?

Mark Boulton (@markboulton) wrote an important article over the recent groundswell of support for the ‘content first’ methodology in web design. In it, he argues that the idea that content is first, that we always can know what our content is before we begin to design for it, is wrong. He seems to be suggesting that it’s […]

CME: content management ecosystem

I adore – I know, a funny word to use, but there really is some love there – the concept of a content management ecosystem, which Matt Thompson further outlines in this article. I had read a little about project Argo a while back and knew it was a great approach to large scale CMS issues. Being […]

getting your delivery process in order

Mat Wall (@matwall), former Lead Software Architect for the Guardian in a presentation on mongoDB said something very important about moving technology forward within an organization. He was asked, how do they introduce new technology to their organization and get it approved by management. I am paraphrasing here, but essentially, he said that it comes down to getting your delivery […]