XML as object

i'm working on a new article, tentatively entitled 'xml as object'.  it further explores the ideas behind 'open systems design', emphasizing the approach to the media - encapsulating the xml,…

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it's been a while since i've navigated through a system.  it's a really pleasurable thing.  i'm sure it's hard to explain to anyone who finds computers complex and intimidating.  but…

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comments on the web

i just posted a (super) short story i had written over a year ago.  i was reminded of it today as i scanned through my feeds, posting the important/interesting stories…

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the web

[this story was originally written for the squib] The computer came alive and the room began to glow.  He sat on the floor in his studio.  Only two minutes ago…

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mediaSpace came together today.  it's basically a new framework based upon gallerySpace.  i've copied a lot of ideas from other systems.  at least in form.  i love the tagging system…

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URI scheme for cln

here's a way we can improve the URI scheme: every KO would have these URI options [path/p] koId=#### state=view|edit view=[mod specific interfaces / processes] subview=[subprocesses] all of them could be…

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