I’m back

Well, at least I am going to use this platform to describe a few things I have been thinking about and working while I look for work in Sydney.

The News will follow us

A little fantasy about how digital journalism could change. The news will follow us, wherever we go.

Teach by example

It’s a good idea to teach by example. Here is my QR Code for my WeChat account   ...

Facebook does not understand friendship

As we further hand over the management of our social relationships to Facebook, perhaps we need to pause for a moment and consider whether Facebook understands friendship.

holy crap, my world is flat!

This realization has crept upon me. Even though I’ve talked about the flatness of information structures before, I’m seeing a strong pattern emerge which is, well, kind of blowing my mind. Keep in mind, I am a serious structuralist.

Eventual inconsistency

A friend just sent me a link on ‘Eventual consistency’, a term used to describe a problem of syncing data between cloud servers. This was in response to some bizarre behaviour I have been noticing in Facebook. The term itself, eventual consistency, reminded me of...

Corresponding in the social net

I must be getting old. I’ve been corresponding with a few people through Facebook’s messages and I’m finding the experience a little disheartening.

Why is Open Data difficult for Governments?

I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. And recently, a journalist asked me this during an interview for a story on his problem getting data on noise pollution from the Hong Kong Government. Christopher DeWolfe quoted me in the article, Hong Kong’s Silence on Noise Pollution.